Orecchiette mit Aubergine, im Ofen gerösteten Tomaten und Prosciutto/ Orecchiette with eggplant, oven-roasted tomatoes and prosciutto

Deutsch: Comfort food für die kalten Tage, oder, wenn es mal schnell gehen muss. Ob mit Freunden, oder alleine, dieses Gericht bereitet einem immer Freude!

English: Italian comfort food for the cold days. Doesn't matter if it's a dinner for one, or you're having friends over to cook for. This dish is quick, easy and always a pleasure!

- Scuza for the bad photo quality: my good camera isn't in Brussels with me!

A Middle Eastern Food Experience at Kitchen 151, Brussels

I haven't written an individual post on a restaurant for a long time now. Simply, because I think that most people are more interested in an overview of several places, rather than reading 10 posts about different places (Tell me if I am wrong, I am happy to change this). Also, it obviously takes up more time, which I don't always have. But this one here is worth it.

Kitchen 151 deserves its own post - and here is why. First of all, I've spotted the place already during my first weekend here in Brussels in the beginning of November. As always, I start exploring the city by walking around, making a turn into little streets and discovering hidden places. So I had a look at their menu and it sounded very appealing, Middle eastern cuisine with an Ottolenghi-ish twist. The interior looked a lot like places that I normally like to go to; simple, yet nicely decorated - lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, decorated with flowers, colorful water jugs and dried flowers - a wooden floor, simple wooden tables, pastel colors and that cosy feeling that you get when entering the place and sitting down.

Bordeaux City Guide

Bordeaux is a lovely, historic little city in the South-West of France. With its proximity to the sea and famous for its wine regions, the city is a destination for many tourists from around the globe, but as well for French people themselves. Many even call it 'Little Paris', because it's as atmospheric and the architecture is very alike, just the stress is less with a smaller number of cars and buzzing sounds.

As it's a university city and a well-known location for Erasmus exchange, there is many young people, cool bars, modern cafés and restaurants. There is a river and as it's the case with many cities, life is centered mainly on the left river bank. There is a nice artsy area and some projects appearing on the right side, but that's rather an exception. 

Zucchinisuppe mit Thymian, Mandeln und Feta

So sehr ich in meinem letzten Post über den Herbst geschwärmt habe, so sehr gefällt mir das Wetter gerade überhaupt gar nicht. Regen, Kälte und nirgendwo Sonne in Sicht. Aber wozu gibt es gutes Essen, mit dem man sich auf andere (schönere) Gedanken bringen kann und nicht nur das; mit warmen Suppen kann man sich im Winter warm halten und verdrängen, wie kalt es auf der anderen Seite der Türe ist.

Sixteen (16) Lunch Places in Paris that are more than a 'Quick Lunch'

Whether you're a Paris local or just visiting, this guide guides you through my favorite lunch places in the city. No matter if you want to spend a bit more or a bit less money, if you want to go with friends or with your parents, I'm sure you'll find something matching while reading this post.