SAN Sablon, Brussels - A Place to Put on Your Bucket List

There is a number of restaurants you shouldn’t miss. SAN Sablon was kind of in the back of my head, as a restaurant I could visit one day but not as one that is a must-do, such as La Buvette (which I would always keep on my to-do list) or Humphrey (this I would cross from it). Not seeing SAN Sablon as a must-must-must-go is definitely a mistake, because you’ll miss out on something culinary impressing and beautiful.

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A hidden Treasure - Sanglier des Ardennes

Le Sanglier des Ardennes is a hotel and home to two restaurants, led by Wout Bru, a chef famous throughout Belgium, known for his innovative cuisine. The one restaurant is called La Bru’sserie and the other one is Sanglier des Ardennes, the first one being more tapas style, the second one more the tasting menu type.

Le Tournant: The Place to Go Twice

I am always a bit scared to go back to restaurants twice. It happened too many time already that when coming back the food wasn’t as good, because the cook had a bad day, or the service wasn’t as nice as the first time I went, or the restaurant has decided to change its interior entirely, sometimes to a worse in my opinion. It’s some kind of non-fulfillment of expectations anxiety. But on the other hand, like this I can be really certain to recommend a restaurant: when it was great many times.

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La Buvette - Not Knokke, Not Paris, Not Tokyo

The place is decorated in a simple and clean way and a lot is left from the old butchery shop. Old metal hangers and details, beige tiles on the floor, an old and beautiful counter. Downstairs there are five little tables, neatly put in order to fit into the small space. There is also seating for around six people at the counter. But don’t worry; if you walk up the dark brown wooden stairs you’ll reach the second floor offering more seating. Dimmed lamps and white candles light the place and create a calm and romantic atmosphere that becomes vivid through laughter and browsing conversations from the people who enjoy their dinner here.

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Coimbra - A Food Journey to Portugal

The very open and warm waiters greeted my food-companion for this evening, Pauline, and me and lead us to a wooden table covered with a yellow table cloth. Sitting there we were able to look at all the nice, little details that were hanging on the walls: letters, sketches, colorful plates, family photos. Of course the blue and white tiles that Portugal is known for weren't missing, decorating the entire lower part of the walls in the restaurant.

Colonel - The Place for Steak Lovers 

At Colonel you'll pay 70€ for 2 persons, for a big piece of Black Angus beef (800-1000g) that comes together with a portion of steamed vegetables and a bowl with French fries, fried in duck fat. 35€ for almost half a kilo of meat per person?! Not bad, if you ask me. The meat is tender, cooked as you wish (medium-rare for me, please) and you really don't need any sauce with it. Just a few pinches of sea salt and you'll get the full flavor.

Baked in Brussels - 5 Bakeries You Should Try

What I've learned in Brussels while visiting some of the bakeries, is that Belgian people have quite different requirements when it comes to bread. What they categorize as "good bread and baguette" is not necessarily what French people would approve (or me). Apparently sourdough is not super welcomed and neither is a too crispy and hard crust with a gooey and elastic inside. Many like their bread pre-cut which is not possible with all breads because then the slices will stick together or get dry quite fast.

11 Best Coffee Spots in Brussels

I was a bit sceptic when I re-moved to Brussels. I lived here four years ago, for two months and to be honest, I wasn't a big fan. It was grey, rainy and not very exciting. To be fair, though, I wasn't in town for a single weekend, escaping to Berlin, Paris or Maastricht whenever I could.

Kitchen 151 - A Middle Eastern Food Experience

You pay 25€ and you get a glass of wine, coffee, water and I'd say between 4-7 "little" dishes. Believe me, it wasn't little at all. At first the friendly waiter brought me fresh, warm, fluffy pita with equally fresh, homemade hummus and a bowl of baba ganoush. This was followed by..