Guide to Amsterdam


First of all there is a bunch of nice museums to visit, which all are quite recommendable. I tried my best but haven't visited all of them. Most of them are located at the museum square in the South of the city.

1. Stedelijk - A big, contemporary art museum - I really liked it! It surely also depends on what kind of exhibitions are currently going on, but the permanent one is really nice.

2. Rijksmuseum - I think it is the biggest museum, containing paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and other painters who are significant for dutch art history. In general, the exhibitions are addressing dutch history of all kind and the building itself is great to see.

3. FOAM - A not very big, but (depending on exhibition) interesting photography museum.

4. Rembrandt & Van Gogh Museums 

5. Anne Frank Huis


Amsterdam has quite a lot coffee places. Individually roasted, with great, intensive flavour.

Scandinavian EmbassySarphatipark 34, 1072 PB Amsterdam You can eat here (for example smoked salmon or other Scandinavian delicacies), but you can as well just come here for a nice cuppa coffee which comes to you prepared freshly by one of the Scandinavian specialty coffee roasters - who are very friendly by the way. Nice, simplistic atmosphere, exactly what you expect when reading the name of the place. If you have enough time, make sure you walk around a bit in the area (de Pijp) where many nice bars and restaurants are located. The famous Albert Cuyp Market is just around the corner.

Screaming BeansHartenstraat 12 1016 CB Amsterdam - Really good coffee (food apparently too, I haven't tried it though). You can choose from five methods how you want your coffee prepared - we went for an aeropress Ethiopian coffee which was really tasteful and fun to watch!!

Cafés - Cake and other stuff

De laatste KruimelLangebrugsteeg 4, 1012 GB Amsterdam - A lovely place with seatings inside or outside with a view on Amsterdam's canals. I popped into it accidentally and had to return the next day for more cake because it was so super delicious. They don't serve these overly decorated fondant-cream-whatever cakes, but plain, natural and deliciously looking cakes, tarts, brownies, pastries as well as a selection of savoury stuff such as quiche etc. We had the french toast croissant - YUM! - the rhubarb, strawberry crumble cake - SO YUM! - and the raspberry franchipani - to-die-for-YUM!. So make sure you come here for a piece of cake (or four) and enjoy a relaxing Amsterdam afternoon.

Petit GateauHaarlemmerstraat 80. 1013EV Amsterdam - A french patisserie on the vibrant Haarlemmerstraat. You can brunch here as well or sit down for a coffee. We decided for take-away. They specialise in all kinds of tarts and all come as miniatures. I tried the banana chocolate crumble one and pistachio raspberry - both were delicious.

Betty Blue, 
Snoekjessteeg 1-3, 1011HA, Amsterdam - A quite recently opened cafe with a very stylish and spacious interior. They serve all kind of cakes and pastries and many different Eclairs - I had the rosewater-mint one which was nice but a bit pricey, compared to the pastry shops before. Still, it is a nice place to hang out and relax your feet after all the walking.

Winkel 43Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam - Traditional restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. The famous part about it though, is the delicious apple pie that most of the people are ordering here. It comes straight out of the oven, so still warm and if you wish it is served with cream and goes perfectly with a fresh mint tea. Don't come here on a Monday since will be super crowded because of the market in front of Winkel 43. They serve cake until around 1am, so don't worry there is enough for everyone! Go there, try it! Trust me, it is so good!


NeighbourFood Market, Open once a month (check here for agendaWestergasfabriek (close to Haarlemmerstraat) The market is mostly located outside, but there are also a few shops inside such as a really nice coffee place. This market is pretty much like the markets I hyperlinked on top; you can buy a lot of different street food dishes such as hot dogs, fries, sandwiches and other typical street food dishes. Great chill-out place with relaxed music, perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.

NoordermarktOpen Saturday 9.00-17.00h, a very nice and traditional market right at the Noordermarkt square. They sell all kinds of handmade goods, flowers, food to take home or to eat right at the spot, CDs, clothes etc. Next to it is the Winkel 43, which I mentioned in my last Amsterdam post here.

Albert CuypmarktOpen Monday-Saturday 10.00-17.00h, Albert Cuyp Straat. As to what is being sold this market is quite similar to the Noordermarket; you can find clothes, all kind of new products, but also vintage, food stalls etc. This market, however, is more touristy and to me it was a bit too crowded. Nice to see once as it the biggest market and is located in a nice area (de Pijp), but nothing you would visit more often - at least that's my view.

This picture was taken one year ago in winter

ZuidermarktOpen on Saturdays 9.00-17.00hJacob Obrechtstraat 38, 1071 KG Amsterdam. A small market, selling local and I think mostly organic goods. It is the most "intimate" market of the ones I have been to in Amsterdam, which might also be the case because it is a bit hidden and not many people know about it (I myself only went there because I was told to do so ;)). I bought a very nice granola there and tried some cheese and bread - delicious. Don't go there just because of the market, because it is a bit further away from the center; but if you happen to be around the museum area make sure you have a look at the nice things people are selling there.

Supermarkets & Delis
In general on Haarlemmerstraat and in the Jordaan area there are plenty of Delis and this kind of places such as Small World Catering or Vinnies Deli, which both seem to be nice places. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to try them out. Don't miss out on Dille&Kamille which is a lovely household store selling baking and cooking accessories, decoration of all kinds and also some food.

Marqt, several locations (check here), one is on Haarlemmerstraat, close to the Noordermarkt. Marqt is kind of an alternative, organic supermarket selling everything from quinoa over fish and meat to all kinds of vegetarian or vegan desserts. I quite liked it, because you get many products you wouldn't find in a normal supermarket. Some things might be a bit pricey but simply look for products that are weekly/monthly offers.

Stach, several locations, one is also on Haarlemmerstraat on the opposite side of Marqt. A small deli selling pre-made lunch dishes, soup in bottles, organic chips, pastries, snacks, lemonade etc. They offer some very delicious things and some of them you can even try so you definitely know what to buy.


Jay's JuicesHaarlemmerstraat 14, 1013 ER Amsterdam, very tiny shop where you can get aaaall (trust me, ALL) kind of freshly squeezed juices. They even have wheatgrass shots for all the superfood-fanatics out there. I think mine was with pineapple, avocado and some other really healthy ingredients.

Frietsteeg & Vlaams Friethuis Vleminckx

And last but not least - FRIES. Dutch fries with dutch frietsaus (a kind of mayonnaise but better). Both are a snack place, so very small with limited, if any, seating. Both are really good, I prefer the Vlaams Friethuis Vlemickx though - try out yourself!


G'sGoudsbloemstraat 911015 JK Amsterdama small brunch place serving Bloody Mary (oh yes, you got me at this point already), poached eggs, french toast and all that dished and drinks, which remind me of my obligatory Sunday brunches in the US. It is kind of pricey though compared to portions. The place itself surely is a cozy restaurant to spend hangover Saturdays at.

Cafe de Blaffende VisWesterstraat 118, is a quite decent and rather traditional pub/bar-like place close to Noordermarkt, but we had a nice breakfast there in a cosy atmosphere.

Cafe FinchNoordermarkt 5, 1015 MV Amsterdam. Amazing place. Seriously. Prices are really fine comparing what you get for your money. Granola is great and so was the Croque Monsieur of which I got a tiny little bite, because it was too good to share ;) . 


Sla, many locations, also Haarlemmerstraat and Westerstraat, nice place to have lunch at. Modern interior, which is perfect for a small dish such as soup, hummus, or plenty kinds of salad. I had the one with lebanese meatballs, which I would recommend, but I think it is not on their menu anymore.


TrouwWibautstraat 127, a club during night, a restaurant during the day. I think this was one of the 
highlights in terms of dinner during our stay. You order a range of small dishes and share them (or not) 
so you can try a bit of everything, but still won't leave the place hungry. I really, really recommend the spit-roasted poussin and the fried okra. And if you are not too full, go and hit the dancefloor!

BazarAlbert Cuypstraat 182, I have to admit that the hummus and the other middle eastern dishes were not the best I have ever eaten (especially if you've visited Berlinor the Middle East of course). But the location and interior is definitely worth a visit since it is an old church turned into a restaurant with flashy lights and colorful decoration everywhere.

The ButcherAlbert Cuypstraat 129, Ok. First, they have great, delicious, juicy and tasty burgers. From cheeseburgers, to bacon burgerswhatever you want, they've got it..well, I guess. Then, there is THIS secret hidden bar, where you apparently can order amazing cocktails. Why "apparently"? Well, since it is hidden, I did not assume that besides delicious burgers there could be something else even more tasty. Now I know, so next time I can tell you how cocktails are there.

Cafe Finch, same as above. For dinner I recommend the pizza on lebanese bread and the salad with dried apricots and Halloumi cheese, gosh I am still dreaming of that.