Restaurant Friday {Street Food September}: Street Food Markets You Should Visit

by - Friday, September 12, 2014

As I declared this month as 'Street Food September', here is a short list of some street food markets I have been to and which are perfect for a little 'Street Food' snack. Just click on the name of the market and you will be directed to the respective web page. Also, these are certainly not all existing street food I said, just the ones I like. Some are not taking place anymore (cause winter is coming!!!!!!!) and others are food markets, but not STREET food markets, so I don't mention them here. (Paris for example has some really nice markets, but mainly for produce - Sorry!)

-       Neighbourfood Market
-       Foodhallen (to come)

-       La Boqueria 
(Even though this one is not a classical street food market, but rather one selling produce it is a must see)

-       Markthalle Neun

-       Borough Market
-       Broadway Market
-       Maltby Street Market
-       Southbank Center (occasionally)
-       Dalston Street Feast 

New York
-       New Amsterdam Market
-       Chelsea Market
- Jamaica Avenue in Queens

-       Soho Food Market
Targ Sniadaniowy Zoliboz (Breakfast Market)
Le Targ 

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