Holidays in Warsaw and a Food Guide through the City

by - Thursday, August 06, 2015

Twice to three times a year I am visiting the city, in which I partly grew up and went to school. Back then, I wasn’t interested as much in food and restaurants as I am now, but I always enjoyed getting to know new places around town. However, during these times there weren’t a lot of places to explore; a few coffee chains (OMG, a Starbucks opened!!), food chains and other small restaurants that were pretty good, but existed already for ages; which was good – I am a fan of traditional places that haven’t changed over the last 50 years, but there were no new culinary things to explore...

Since I moved away in 2009 the city has changed a lot and even now, when I come back every 6 months, there are plenty of new restaurants, cafes and bars that appearing from nowhere. To be honest the city reminds of Berlin. Food markets, Scandinavian-styled cafes, own coffee roasters, brunch and bagels, all this seems to be available everywhere around Warsaw. This is what I am not sure about, I really can’t decide – I do like new places popping up, coffee getting better and better and restaurants serving amazing dishes influenced by Italian, Middle Eastern, French or US and South American cuisine. BUT, even though there are still some traditional spots and little so called “milk-bars” (serving proper Polish dishes at small prices) that have been polished (ha-ha) up and have been given a nicer and more modern outlook, I have the feeling that some places are starting to lack this individual touch they had a few years ago.

Well, nevertheless I do like a lot of places that opened since I left and I just hope that this lovely city, full of life and potential will keep its flair that makes it so special to me.

You can view and download a PDF version of the restaurant list HERE.


Fawory: Breakfast/Snack cafe and evening-chill out place for young people; serving a variety of fried eggs with e.g. spinach, jalapenos or other fresh ingredients; 10-20PLN (2,5-5€); easy-going, friendly atmosphere & offer all kinds of brewing techniques
Location: Mickiewicza 21, Warszawa

Domagoj: Kroatian restaurant serving traditional kroatian dishes, perfect for dinner; 40-50PLN (10-13€); good wines
Location: Pawła Suzina 8, 01-586 Warszawa

Winny Przystanek: Wine bar; serving all kinds of wines per glass or bottle and small appetizers like olives or cheese; 15-70PLN (or more, depending on wine) (3,5-18€)
Location: Adama Mickiewicza 20, Warszawa

DOM: Modern Polish restaurant serving Polish dishes with a little twist; good lunch menus; 20-80PLN (5-20€); they have seating outside in a lovely garden
Location: Mierosławskiego 12, Warszawa

Centrum/ Śródmieście:

Mandala: Indian/Thai restaurant with a plain but cozy interior serving the best Indian food in town; 25-40PLN (6-10€); great mango lassi, go for the lamb vindaloo or the green chicken curry
LocationEmilii Plater 9/11, Warszawa 

Bibenda: Modern Central European cuisine with Middle Eastern influences; stylish, simple interior, dimmed light, New York style; very friendly waiters; 30-60PLN (7-15€); menu changes frequently, if you have the chance, try the sage-pine-nuts koftas in cherry sauce
Location: Nowogrodzka 10, Warszawa

SAM: breakfast and lunch place serving all kinds of sandwiches, salads and breakfast combos; 25-50PLN (6-12€); try their homemade bagels with cream cheese and salmon; co-working-place atmosphere, very relaxed
Location: Lipowa 7a, 00-313 Warszawa

Bułkę przez Bibułkę: breakfast and lunch place; 20-40PLN (5-10€); great coffee, several locations
Location: Puławska 24, 02-512 Warszawa

Niezłe Ziółko: breakfast and lunch place; 15-30PLN (4-8€); great coffee, smothies and sandwiches; relaxed atmosphere, nice waiters
Location: Krucza 17, 00-525 Warszawa

Słodki Słony: café serving traditional, but also not so traditional polish cakes and pastries and also small lunch dishes; 15-60PLN (4-15€); cakes are rather expensive, but extraordinary; try the “Malinianka”, a yeast pastry with raspberries; kitschy, cozy atmosphere
Location: Mokotowska 45, Warszawa

Smaki Warszawy: café with cakes and small dishes; 15-50PLN (4-12€); try one of their pavlovas (“biala dama”)
Location: Żurawia 47/49, Warszawa

Kaskrut: Modern, regional polish cuisine; great price-value, 49PLN (12€) for a four-course vegetarian menu, 69PLN non-vegetarian; regional ingredients, detail-loving and fancy menu changes every week; not very comfortable seating, nice waiters
Location: Poznańska 5, Warszawa

Ministerstwo Kawy: coffee place; 8-25PLN (2-6€); delicious ice-tea, mocca and coffee; wood-dominated interior & offer all kinds of brewing techniques
Location: Marszałkowska 27/35, 00-639 Warszawa

Cafe Karma: coffee place with own roaster also serving small dishes; very relaxed place to hang out for a while; 10-30PLN (3-8€); buy some of their coffee beans or ground coffee for around 3€ per 100g
Location: Mokotowska 17, 06-640 Warszawa

Charlotte: French-inspired breakfast place; 8-30PLN (2-8€); very hectic, waiters quite unorganized and confused but friendly; non-pretentious, simple interior; try their croissants and the charcuterie
Location: aleja Wyzwolenia 18, 00-001 Warszawa

Prasowy: Traditional Polish “Milk Bar”; serving all kinds of polish food; 5-25PLN (2-6€); canteen-like, but modern interior; you get your receipt and have to wait until the number of your order is called; try leniwe pierogi, pierogi ruskie and their pancakes
Location: Marszałkowska 10/16, 00-590 Warszawa

Tuk Tuk: Thai restaurant; Thai curries and dishes; 25-40PLN (6-10€); take-away/bistro atmosphere staff quite hectic; try the Phad Thai
Location: Mokotowska 17, 00-640 Warszawa

Saska Kępa:

Kuchnia Funkcjonalna: Modern Polish cuisine; regional dishes with a special twist; 20-60PLN (5-15€); modern interior with dimmed light and dark colours; attentive and friendly waiters
Location: Jakubowska 16, Warszawa


Złoty Król: Traditional Polish pub; Polish dishes in an old self-service restaurant; 5-20PLN (2-5€); good, traditional food, but don’t expect the older lady to be friendly
Location: Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 27, 02-952 Warszawa
Website: -


Przystanek Piekarnia: Bakery; fresh and tasty bread and pastries; 4-10PLN (1-2,5€); try the cranberry-rye bread
Location: Koszykowa 58, Warszawa

Other things you shouldn't miss (Click on the names to get to the respective website):

Park Wilanowski - Lovely park a bit outside from the city center

Łazienki-Park - Another lovely and big park; you can have swim with little boats or listen to a free

Chopin concert on Sundays at 12 o'clock

Muzeum Narodowe - National Museum with a lot of interesting exhibitions

Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej - Contemporary Art Museum

A stroll through Francuska street in Saska Kepa, on the other side of the river

The Old Town and the castle, Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Nowy Swiat

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