My Little Guide to Copenhagen

by - Thursday, May 28, 2015

Here are some tips for a long-weekend-stay in Copenhagen. I've only put the things I liked most - so this is a short and comprised list for all the to-do's you shouldn't miss. From cinnamon rolls to the breathtaking Louisiana museum of modern art.

Last weekend I visited Denmark for the first time. I didn't really know what to expect, the only thing I have heard from people is that it is terribly expensive there. Well, more on that later.
What I discovered, was a lovely city with very friendly people, a lot to see and a lot of good food.

When we arrived, we were quite surprised how quiet everything and everyone was; in the train, the metro, on the streets. Huge change when coming from noisy Berlin. This also didn't really change over the day when we strolled through the streets to enjoy the atmosphere. Towards night though, when we left the apartment for dinner, it seemed that everyone was on the streets now - there were many people talking, laughing, drinking and enjoying life. The same went for the restaurants, which were characterised by a vivid, friendly and easy-going atmosphere.

Well, as I visited the city only over the weekend, this is not a huge guide with tons of recommendations. But it is one with the things I liked most and I would do again when visiting Copenhagen for the first or second time.

Click on the headings to get to the respective websites.

Must see's:


- The lovely haven with plenty of colourful houses, cafes and restaurants and delicious ice cream in one of the many shops that make the cones themselves.

Papiroen Food Market

- Also next to the water. A vivid food market with a chill area outside and a lot of space inside. Food stalls range from Burgers, over Pizza to Asian and Mexican food.


- There are plenty of nice parks in the city, which are great for a chill-out in between sightseeing. You'll discover them pretty easily, just have a look at a local map and you'll see green spots everywhere.


- Beautiful museum of modern art with an amazing architecture. The building itself already makes the visit a must-do. Half an hour by train from Copenhagen main station, but it is definitely worth it.

Yayoi Kusama

Asger Jorn Gallery

Richard Mosse

Church Tower - For Frelsers Kirke

- A 10 minute walk, or better climbing act, up the tiny stairs of the church tower brings you to one of the best views over the city.

Must eat's:

Toverhallerne Kbh

- Also a food hall, but a little less hipsterish with little stands selling smorrebrod, chocolate and other delicious local things. There, you also can find Laura's Bakery and Coffee Collective.

Laura's Bakery 

- Please do me a favour and try the cinnamon rolls - this frosting on top is just insane!

Coffee Collective 

- Great coffee; had a filter coffee from Colombia, which was great.


- Don't be put off by the fact that it's a chain. Each restaurant serves different kinds of food and the one we went to on Vesterbrogade was the one offering Danish food. Regarding the price this place is a bargain! I had really, really good pork with vegetables (seriously, the quality was great) and mashed potatoes for around 12€. The snickers dessert and the Creme Brûlée were epic as well.

Union Kitchen

- Reminded me a lot of some NYC brunch places. Great food, prices are fine (around 10-15€ for a dish) and atmosphere is very nice. The egg(s) benedict with truffle oil was delicious and my chicken and waffle with a spicy sauce and maple syrup simply rocked it!

Must go's:

Meatpacking District by night - Kodbyen

- Great bars and restaurants, during the day there is not a lot going on, though. The bar Noho was very nice and stylish!

Norrebro "Hipster Area" 

- The "hipster" area of the city with a lot of shops, boutiques and cafes.

Hay Store 

- Don't need to mention anything here, do I? Two floors of hay furniture, decoration etc.

Shopping Center Magasin

- Visit the decoration and interior section, they have a selection of great brands.

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