Restaurant Friday: 'Fette Sau' !!!

by - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Behind that two slightly insulting words, hides a great (maybe a bit hippster-ish) restaurant with loads of tender and juicy meat in the middle of Williamsburg. 

It was a cold, very cold and very snowy afternoon in Brooklyn. After making my last Christmas purchases for my beloved ones back home, I finally made it to the 'Fette Sau', which has been waiting on my food-to-do-list for a long time, already. I heard it's one of the best places in the city for having a BBQ and supposedly it shouldn't be missed. And I wasn't disappointed! I am actually a meat fan, sure vegetarian dishes might do for some time but no meat at all - na-ah, not possible!

Type of Place: The whole place has this industrial vibe with cement floors and pipes visible beneath the ceiling. It is relatively hectic, because while standing in line to order your food, you try to conquer a seat at one of the wooden picnic benches where you sit next to other people. I don't mind that, it can get very cosy though and there might be a lot of elbow-touching ;) I think you shouldn't be the picky kind of person at this restaurant; some might find that outlook of food and the way you eat it a bit unappealing. You get it served on a piece of butcher paper on a tray with your side dishes in paper cups and bowls (I really loved it, but I am very uncomplicated concerning these issues!). The choice of meat is written on a chalkboard and you can see it on display to check how it looks. 

Food: The meat is so, so, SO delicious, it's very tender and it really melts in your mouth, so you don't need to put much effort into biting or cutting it. We had three different kinds of meat, which was beef brisket, pork belly and ribs, around a pound of each (for the six of us) and one portion of baked beans and potato salad (oh yes, that's the german in me!). The beef brisket and the pork belly were so soft and smooth, just incredible - I enjoyed it very much and so did the others. The meat is black from the gas-and-wood-fired smoker where it is home-slow-cooked until perfection (They have a huge selection of meat, which varies every day). Their meat is dry-rubbed and they don't prepare it with any sauces before cooking, but offer a variety of sauces like sweet bbq, passila chile pepper, vinegar and their hot mustard sauce, which are delicious, too. I really liked the sweet bbq one, but honestly, the meat in itself already tastes great and not in need to be 'pimped up' with any sauces. The sides are also great, especially the baked beans, which we couldn't finish, cause it was all so filling. Other sides are pickles, Sauerkraut or Broccoli.

Price: Prices are more than fair, especially when you consider that you're in New York and that you're ordering meat - good meat. Per 1lb, which is about 450g, you pay around $25, side dishes are around $6-8. We were 6 people and we paid $16 each for three different kinds of a lot of meat, baked beans and potato salad. At first we thought it might be a bit too little, but in the end we even had to leave a few pieces of meat, which broke my heart (Oh yes, you can imagine!!!).

Location: 354 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg, New York, 11211

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